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DocumentDRAFT Official Community Plan.pdf8 MB
DocumentAnimal Control Bylaw 821 (Consolidated Version).pdf168 KB
DocumentATV, Motorcycle and Snowmobile Bylaw 823c (Consolidated Version).pdf384 KB
DocumentBoard of Variance Bylaw 981, 2007.pdf23 KB
DocumentBoulevard Maintenance Bylaw 411, 1985.pdf255 KB
DocumentBuilding Bylaw 1012, 2009 (Consolidated Version).pdf222 KB
DocumentBusiness Licence Bylaw 849 (Consolidated Version).pdf95 KB
DocumentBylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw 393, 1985 (Consolidated Version).doc65 KB
DocumentCampgrounds Bylaw No. 435, 1986.pdf1 MB
Folder Page Capital Works, Machinery and Equipment Reserve Fund Bylaws
DocumentCarbon Neutral Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 1117, 2013.pdf7 KB
DocumentCease Fluoridation Bylaw 1145, 2014.pdf30 KB
DocumentCentennial Square Sidewalk Clearance Bylaw 392, 1985.doc36 KB
DocumentCouncil Procedure Bylaw 1022 (Consolidated Version).pdf189 KB
DocumentCouncil Remuneration Bylaw 1133, 2013.pdf55 KB
DocumentCourtroom Lease Bylaw No. 562, 1990.pdf1 MB
DocumentCPR Parking Area Lease Bylaw 389, 1985.doc39 KB
DocumentDeer Feeding and Wildlife Attractants Bylaw 1078, 2011.pdf16 KB
DocumentElection Procedures Bylaw 1004, 2008.pdf70 KB
DocumentElection Procedures Bylaw 940.pdf11 KB
DocumentElk Valley Communities Mutual Aid Agreement Bylaw No. 433, 1986 and Crowsnest Pass Mutual Aid Agreement Bylaw No. 835, 2001, Repeal Bylaw 1119, 2013.pdf32 KB
DocumentElk Valley Michel Cemetery Operation and Maintenance Bylaw 831 (Consolidated Version).pdf160 KB
DocumentElk Valley Property Tax Sharing Agreement Authorization Bylaw 997, 2008.pdf667 KB
DocumentEmergency Measures Bylaw 911, 2012.pdf13 KB
DocumentFetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Sign Bylaw 930, 2004.pdf60 KB
Folder PageFinancial Plan Bylaws
DocumentFire Services Bylaw 974, 2008 (Consolidated Version).pdf337 KB
DocumentFirearm Regulation Bylaw 540 (Consolidated Version).pdf153 KB
DocumentFluoridation of Municipal Water Supply Referendum Bylaw No. 789, 1999.pdf93 KB
DocumentFranchise Agreement Authorization Bylaw 1073, 2011.pdf1 MB
DocumentFreedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaw 1143, 2014.pdf92 KB
Folder PageFrontage Tax Bylaws
Folder PageHighway Closure Bylaws
DocumentInterest on Prepayments of Taxes Bylaw 1018, 2009.pdf30 KB
Folder PageLand Sales Reserve Fund Bylaws
DocumentLand Use Application Procedures Bylaw 1042, 2010.pdf22 KB
DocumentLitter Control Bylaw 421, 1985 (Consolidated Version).pdf49 KB
DocumentLocal Improvement Construction Bylaw No. 845, 2001.pdf80 KB
Folder PageMichel Creek Water Extension Bylaws
DocumentMobile Home Park Bylaw 288 (Consolidated Version).pdf89 KB
DocumentMunicipal Lands Regulation Bylaw 784 (Consolidated Version).pdf188 KB
DocumentMunicipal Ticket Information Bylaw 1113, 2012 (Consolidated Version).pdf143 KB
DocumentNoise Control Bylaw 842.pdf13 KB
DocumentOff-Street Parking and Loading Bylaw No. 495, 1988 (Consolidated Version).pdf36 KB
DocumentOfficers and Officials Benefits Bylaw 1038, 2012 (Consolidated Version).pdf70 KB
DocumentOfficers and Officials Bylaw 1026, 2012 (Consolidated Version).pdf117 KB
DocumentOfficial Community Plan Bylaw 869, 2002 (Consolidated Version).pdf1 MB
DocumentPark Closure Bylaw 1097, 2012.pdf7 KB
DocumentPark Disposal Bylaw No. 772, 1999.pdf155 KB
DocumentParks Acquisition Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw 1032, 2009.pdf9 KB
DocumentParks, Greenbelts and Walkways Regulation Bylaw 832.pdf134 KB
Folder PagePermissive Tax Exemption Bylaws
DocumentProperty Tax Due Date Bylaw No. 820, 2000.pdf26 KB
DocumentRecreation Fees and Charges Bylaw 1041, 2010 (Consolidated Version).pdf180 KB
Folder PageRecreational/Cultural Capital Works Reserve Expenditure Bylaws
Folder PageRevenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaws
DocumentRevitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw 1170, 2015.pdf667 KB
DocumentRivercrest Cemetery Bylaw 877 (Consolidated Version).pdf837 KB
DocumentSecurity Alarm Bylaw 1120, 2013.pdf102 KB
Folder PageSewer and Water Reserve Replenishment Parcel Tax Assessment Roll Bylaws
Folder PageSewer System Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaws
DocumentSign Bylaw 839 (Consolidated Version).pdf90 KB
DocumentSmoke Control Bylaw 936, 2005.pdf15 KB
DocumentSparwood Future Society Lease Authorization Bylaw No. 714, 1997.pdf1 MB
DocumentSparwood Holiday Shopping Referendum Bylaw No. 483, 1987.pdf286 KB
DocumentStreet and Highway Naming Bylaw 998, 2009.pdf104 KB
Folder PageStreet Repaving Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaws
DocumentSubdivision Servicing Bylaw 591, 1994 (Consolidated Version).pdf2 MB
Folder PageTax Rates Bylaws
DocumentTraffic, Parking and Highways Regulation Bylaw 472 (Consolidated Version).pdf235 KB
DocumentTraffic, Parking and Highways Regulation Bylaw 472, Amendment Bylaw 1106.pdf34 KB
DocumentUnsightly Premises Bylaw 661.pdf13 KB
DocumentUpper Elk Valley Fire Protection Services Authorization Bylaw 1037, 2010 (Consolidated Version).pdf499 KB
DocumentUtility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw 1014 (Consolidated Version).pdf1 MB
Folder PageWaterworks System Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaws
DocumentZoning Bylaw 264 (Consolidated Version).pdf2 MB
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